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The girl who feels no pain.
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Posted: 02-29-2004 02:13 PM    Post subject: The girl who feels no pain.  

Gabby Gingras has a disease so rare she's the only person her parents and doctors can find in the U.S. suffering from it. Like any other three-year-old, Gabby takes her share of slips and falls. Her reaction to each is predictable at least for her family.
For no matter how hard Gabby hits the ground, she will not shed a single tear. Hard as it is to fathom Gabby Gingras feels no pain. There is no cure, nor will she outgrow it.

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the story

if you dont have realplayer
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Posted: 02-29-2004 03:15 PM    Post subject:  

holy shit... this is scary :o
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Posted: 02-29-2004 04:07 PM    Post subject:  

why the hell does anyone on earth use realmedia
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