Shn's list of audio CDs and wax stuff

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Elements : 428

1abigorshockwave - 6667"1
2abortedthe archaic abattoir (limited edition boxset)CD1
3aborted - exhumedsplit - extirpated live emanations - deceased in the east10"1
4aeternusascension of terror12"1
5afx2 remixes (MEN 1)12"1
6AFXanalogue bubblebath 312"2
7afxanalord 0112"1
8afxanalord 0212"1
9afxanalord 0312"1
10afxanalord 0412"1
11afxanalord 0512"1
12afxanalord 0612"1
13afxanalord 0712"1
14afxanalord 0812"1
15afxanalord 0912"1
16afxanalord 10 (Picture)12"2
17afxanalord 1112"1
18afxsmojphace ep12"1
19AFX / LFO4 track EP12"1
20airalpha beta12"1
21aircherry blossom girl12"1
22airmoon safari12"1
23airsurfing on a rocket12"1
24airtalkie walkie12"1
25amon tobinbloodstone ep12"1
26amon tobinbricolage12"2
27amon tobinchaos theory12"2
28amon tobincollaborations12"1
29amon tobinout from out where12"2
30amon tobinpermutation12"2
31amon tobinverbal12"1
32anaal nathrakhthe codex necroCD1
33anaal nathrakhtotal fucking necroCD1
34anaal nathrakhwhen fire rains down from the sky, makind will reap as it has sownCD1
35anal cuntmorbid floristCD1
36Anal cunt - flächenbrandAnal cunt - flächenbrand7"1
38anorexia nervosaexileCD1
39anorexia nervosasuicide is sexyCD1
41antaeusblood libels12"1
42antaeuscut your flesh and worship Satan (2nd edition)CD1
43aphex twincome to daddy12"1
44aphex twindrukqs12"4
45aphex twinfalling free remix (Curve)12"1
46aphex twingirl/boy ep12"1
47aphex twini care because you do12"2
48aphex twinrichard d james12"1
49aphex twinwindowlicker12"1
50aphex twinxylem tube EP12"1
51apocalypticacult (special edition)CD2
52arab on radarpig roast7"1
53arab on radarqueen hygiene 212"1
54arab on radarrough day at the orifice12"1
55arab on radarsoak the saddle12"1
56arab on radaryahweh or the highway12"1
57arab on radar - kid commandosplit - arab on radar - kid commando7"1
58arcturussideshow symphoniesCD1
59arcturusthe sham mirrorsCD1
60Arkangeldead man walking12"1
61Arkangelhope you die by overdoseCD1
62at the gatesslaughter of the soulCD1
63at the gatesthe red in the sky is ours / with fear i kiss the burning darknessCD2
65autechrechiastic slide12"2
68autechredraft 7.3012"2
70autechregantz graf12"1
73autechrepeel session12"1
74autechrepeel session 212"1
75autechretri repetae12"2
77autechre / hafler trioAE03 / 3HAECD2
78autechre / mark broomangie revisited12"1
79averse sefirabattle's clarionCD1
80averse sefirahomecoming's marchCD1
81averse sefiratetragrammatical astygmata10"2
82azaghalperkeleen luomaCD1
83beastie boysto the 5 buroughs12"2
84behemothantichristian phenomenon (tour edition)CD1
86benedictionsubconscious terrorCD1
87benedictionthe grand levellerCD1
88benedictiontranscend the rubiconCD1
90black lungconcrete octopus12"1
91black lungkarmageddon12"1
92black lungprofound and sentimental journey12"1
93black lungsilent weapons for quiet wars12"1
94black lungthe grand chessboard12"1
95black lungthe sound of meat10"1
96black lung & xingu hillthe andronechron incident10"1
97black lung & xingu hillthe andronechron incidentCD1
98Blockheads & nostromosplit - Blockheads & nostromo7"1
99bloodbathresurrection through carnageCD1
100boards of canadageogaddi12"3
101boards of canadain a beautiful place out in the country12"1
102boards of canadamusic has the right to children12"2
103boards of canadapeel session12"1
104boards of canadathe campfire headphase12"2
105boards of canadatwoism12"1
106boom bipfrom left to right12"1
107brujeriabrujerizmo (promo)CD1
108brujeriamatando güerosCD1
109brujeriaraza odiadaCD1
111calibanthe undying darkness12"1
113cannibal corpsebloodthirstCD1
114cannibal corpsebutchered at birthCD1
115cannibal corpseeaten back to lifeCD1
116cannibal corpsegallery of suicideCD1
117cannibal corpsegore obsessedCD1
118cannibal corpsethe bleedingCD1
119cannibal corpsetomb of the mutilatedCD1
120cannibal corpsevileCD1
121carnival in coalcollection prestigeCD1
122carnival in coalfear notCD1
123carnival in coalfrench cancanCD1
124carnival in coalvivalavidaCD1
125cirith gorgoronwards to the spectral defileCD1
126cloinclonely bits12"2
127closer musikone, two, three - no gravity12"1
128convergepetitioning forever12"2
129convergeunloved and weeded outCD1
130cradle of filthvempireCD1
131crotchdusterbig fat box of shitCD1
132cryptopsywhisper supremacyCD1
133crystal distortionle perce-oreille EP12"1
134crystal distortionthe things i4m not supposed to do...12"2
135cursor minerthe sport of kings12"1
137dark tranquillitythe galleryCD1
138dark tranquillitythe mind's 1CD1
140ddamagepressure EP12"1
142december moonsource of originCD1
144deicideamon: feasting the beastCD1
147deicideonce upon the crossCD1
148deicideserpents of the lightCD1
149deicidewhen satan livesCD1
150derangedplainfield cemetery12"1
153dj krushthe message at the depth12"2
154dj shadowendtroducing...12"2
155dj shadowin/flux12"1
156dj shadowwhat does your soul look like12"1
157dmx krewthe collapse of the wave function12"1
158do or dieheart full of painCD1
159drudkhautumn aurora12"1
160dying fetusdestroy the opposition12"1
161ellen allienrmxs trashscaper12"1
162ellen allien and apparatjet remixes12"1
163elysian blazecold walls and apparitionsCD1
164emperoranthems to the welkin at duskCD1
165emperoremperal live ceremonyCD1
166emperorin the nightside eclipseCD1
167emperorIX equilibriumCD1
169emperor / enslavedsplitCD1
171empyriumwhere at night the wood grouse playsCD1
172endusercomparing paths12"2
173Fantômasdelirium cordiaCD1
175FantômasSuspended AnimationCD1
176Fantômasthe director's cutCD1
177finntrolljaktens tidCD1
178flat earth societythe armstrong mutationsCD1
179flat earth societytrapCD1
180forgotten tomblove's burial groundCD1
181frosttalking to godCD1
183general patton and the x-ecutionersjoint special operations task forceCD1
184genital grindergenital grinderCD1
185gojiraterra incognitaCD1
186gojirathe linkCD1
187gorgutsconsidered dead / the erosion of sanityCD1
188Grand belial's keyjudeobeast assassinationCD1
189gravelandfollowing the voice of blood - impaler's wolves12"2
190gravelandraise your sword ! - raiders of revenge12"1
191gravelandthe celtic winterCD1
192gravelandthe fire of awakening (special edition #737/1000)CD1
193himinbjorgin the raven's shadowCD1
194hrvatski / sightingsback to back7"1
195ildjarnminnesjord - the dark soil12"1
196ildjarnnocturnal visions12"1
197ildjarnstrength and anger12"2
198immolationdawn of possession12"1
199immolationharnessing ruin12"1
200immortalat the heart of winterCD1
201immortalblizzard beasts12"1
202immortalblizzard beastsCD1
203immortalcall of the wintermoon7"1
204immortalpure holocaustCD1
205immortalsons of northern darkness (pic lp)12"1
206incantationdecimate christendomCD1
207incubusmake yourselfCD1
208isisthe absence of truth12"2
209jimmy edgarbounce, make, model12"1
210John B & exilejohn b & exile ep12"1
211judas iscariotthy dying lightCD1
212Judas Iscariotto embrace the corpses bleedingCD1
213Kaada PattonromancesCD1
214kid 606pretty girls make raves12"1
215kid 606sugarcoated10"1
216kid 606the illness12"1
217kid 606who still kill sound?12"2
218kid 606 vs Dälekruin it EP12"1
219kriegrise of the imperial hordes12"1
220Krieg - Azaghalsplit - Krieg - Azaghal10"1
221krisiunageless venomous (pic lp)12"1
222krisiunapocalyptic revelationCD1
223krisiunblack force domainCD1
224krisiunconquerors of armageddonCD1
225krohma world through dead eyes12"1
226krohma world through dead eyesCD1
227krohmcrown of the ancients10"1
228leviathanhowl mockery at the crossCD1
231loudblastplanet pandemoniumCD1
232loudblastthe time keeperCD1
234malicious secretsfrom the entrails to the dirt - antaeus7"1
235malicious secretsfrom the entrails to the dirt - deathspell omega12"1
236malicious secretsfrom the entrails to the dirt - mutiilation10"1
237manes (view)extended playCD1
238mardukdark endlessCD1
239mardukdeathmarch tour EP 2004-2005CD1
240mardukfuck me jesusCD1
242mardukheaven shall burn… when we are gatheredCD1
243mardukinfernal eternalCD2
244marduklive in germaniaCD1
247mardukopus nocturneCD1
248mardukpanzer division mardukCD1
249mardukslay the nazarene7"1
250mardukthose of the unlightCD1
252maximo parkour velocity7"1
254mayhemchimera (pic lp)12"1
255mayhemde mysteriis dom sathanasCD1
257mayhemeuropean legions12"1
258mayhemeuropean legionsCD1
259mayhemgrand declaration of warCD1
260mayhemgrand declaration of war (pic lp)12"1
261mayhemlive in leipzigCD1
262mayhemlive in marseille 200012"2
263mayhemmediolanum capta estCD1
264mayhemordo ad chao12"1
265mayhemthe studio experience - freezing moon + carnage7"1
266mayhemthe studio experience (4 albums)12"4
267mayhemU.S. legionsCD1
268mayhemwolf's lair abyssCD1
269melt banana6666"1
270melt bananacharlie12"1
272melvinsneither here nor there (bundled with book)CD1
273melvins + lustmordpigs of the roman empire12"2
274metallica…and justice for allCD1
275metallicaescape from the park (bootleg)CD1
276metallicahero of the day (single)CD1
277metallicakill 'em allCD1
278metallicamaster of puppetCD1
279metallicametallica (black album)CD1
280metallicaride the lightningCD1
281metallicast anger (CD+DVD)CD2
282misanthrope1666… théâtre bizarreCD1
284misanthropelibertine humiliationsCD1
285misanthropemiracles : totem tabooCD1
286misanthropemisanthro-thérapie - 15 années d'analyse (CDs+DVDs) (#1089/2000)CD3
287morbid angelblessed are the sickCD1
289mr bunglecaliforniaCD1
290mr bungledisco volanteCD1
291mr bunglemr bungleCD1
292mr oizoanalog worms attack12"2
293mr oizoflat beat EP12"1
294mr oizomoustache (half a scissor) EP12"1
295mutiilationmajestas leprosus12"1
296mu-ziqease up12"1
299nachtmystiumeulogy IV12"1
300naked citytorture garden - leng tch'eCD2
301napalm deathenemy of the music businessCD1
302napalm deathfear, emptiness, despairCD1
303napalm deathfrom enslavement to obliterationCD1
304napalm deathinside the torn apartCD1
305napalm deathsmear campaignCD1
306nastrondage of fireCD1
307necroblasphemeintroducing pure violenceCD1
308no returnmachineryCD1
309no returnself mutilationCD1
310nostromohysteron - proteron (CD+DVD)CD2
312opethblackwater parkCD1
313opethdamnation (promo)CD1
314opethdeliverance (pic lp)12"2
315opethghost reveries12"2
316opethghost reveriesCD1
319opethmy arms your hearse12"2
320opethmy arms your hearseCD1
323opethstill life12"2
324opethstill lifeCD1
325para onebeat down12"1
326patton mikeadult themes for voiceCD1
327patton mikepranzo oltranzistaCD1
328pitbulls in the nurserylunaticCD1
329poison the wellyou come before you12"1
330prodigyalways outnumbered, never outgunned12"3
332prodigygirls - memphis bells12"1
333queens of the stone ageno one knows7"1
334queens of the stone agesongs for the deafCD2
335radioheadhail to the thief - special editionCD1
336radioheadi might be wrong - live recordingsCD1
337radioheadok computerCD1
338radioheadpablo honeyCD1
339radiumaggressive ep12"1
340RJD2since we last spoke12"2
342sepulturachaos A.D.CD1
343sethles blessures de l'âmeCD1
344shiningIII - Angst - Själcdestruktivitetens emissarie12"1
345shiningIII - Angst - Själcdestruktivitetens emissarieCD1
346shininglivets ändhallplats12"1
347shiningthe eerie cold12"1
348shiningthrough years of oppression12"1
349shiningwithin deep dark chambersCD1
350slayerdivine interventionCD1
351slayerseasons in the abyssCD1
352slayerundisputed attitudeCD1
353spawnspawn the album - OSTCD1
354squarepusherbig loada12"1
355squarepusherburning'n tree12"2
356squarepusherdo you know squarepusher ?12"1
359squarepushervenus No. 1712"1
360luke vibertspac hand luke12"1
361sublime cadaveric decomposition212"1
362sublime cadaveric decomposition2CD1
363sublime cadaveric decompositionsublime cadaveric decomposition12"1
364suffocationsouls to deny12"1
369SUProom sevenCD1
370SUPthe cubeCD1
372Sutekh & O.Lammsix residua12"1
373temple of baalservants of the beast12"1
374the berzerkerdissimulateCD1
375the champsthe champs7"1
376the dillinger escape plancalculating infinity (pic lp)12"1
377the dillinger escape planmiss machine12"1
378the dillinger escape planmiss machineCD1
379the dillinger escape plan with mike pattonirony is a dead scene12"1
380the gatheringif then elseCD1
381the gatheringmandylionCD1
382the gatheringsouvenirs12"2
383the gatheringsouvenirsCD1
384the locustflight of the wounded locust7"4
385the locustplague soundscapes12"1
386the locustsafety second, body last12"1
387the locust - arab on radarsplit - the locust - arab on radar7"1
388the locust - melt bananasplit - the locust - melt banana7"1
389the melvinsrevolve - with teeth7"1
391thorns vs emperorsplitCD2
392tomahawkmit gasCD1
393tortoisegooseneck - mosquito7"1
395two lone swordsmenfrom the double gone chapel12"2
396two lone swordsmenfurther reminders7"1
397two lone swordsmentiny reminders12"3
398ultra vomitm. patateCD1
399unklein a state (black cover)12"1
400unklein a state (white cover)12"1
401unleashedshadows in the deepCD1
402VAa homage to ildjarnCD1
403VAdead man's shoes: the soundtrackCD1
404VAdeath… is just the beginning CD1
405VAwell i'll be a monkey's uncle12"2
406venetian snareschocolate wheelchair12"2
407venetian snaresdoll doll doll12"1
408venetian snareseinstein-rosen bridge12"1
409venetian snaresfind candace12"1
410venetian snareshorse and goat12"1
411venetian snareshorse and goat12"1
412venetian snareshospitality12"1
413venetian snaresmeathole12"2
414venetian snaresmoonglow / this bitter earth7"1
415venetian snaresrossz csillag alatt született12"2
416venetian snareswinnipeg is a frozen shithole EP12"1
417venetian snareswinnipeg is a frozen shithole EP #212"1
419vitalicok cowboy12"2
420warex tenebris nasceris ut deleasCD1
421warholy warCD1
423xasthura gate through bloodstained mirrors12"2
424xasthurnocturnal poisoning12"2
425xasthurtelepathic with the deceased12"2
426xasthur - leviathansplitCD1
427zappa frankshut up 'n play yer guitarCD3

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