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[PHP] Making a zipscript
PostPosted: 10-02-2002 03:17 AM Reply with quote
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I've been working with ftp servers like raidenftpd, bulletproof and serv-u and with a little tweaking they all support events. With events you can do fun stuff, like for instance auto sfv check a release, at status bars, etc.

I am currently using RaidenFTPd untill ioFTPD comes out and I have also been using zipscripts. Some of you already know what they are, but some do not.

A zipscript is a bunch of tools to do stuff as irc announce a new release, check sfv's (most good ftp servers do that automatically tough), at status bars, at racestats, etc.

Well, ive been looking at a nicely programmed php zipscript, but I lack some features that I want to use, so I tought about making my own version.

Currently i am thinking about mixing ftp with http and having nice stats alltogether. I can do lots of fun stuff with the info that you can give with (im using this) raidenftpd, BUT you can do even more things when you start using stuff like Coolmon (use google), wich can output system statistics into a .xml file. So, what Im thinking about is making a whole suite of ftp tools, to make it ubercool. I will list the things I want to add below.

  • IRC announcing
    I dont want just a irc announcer that spams a new release or gives you bandwitdh info, I want to do something original, for instance give info about the PC statistics, etc.
  • Advanced Race stats
    I was thinking about getting information from the .nfo and adding little pieces of text to the .message file about the release. For mp3 releases, for instance, you could add id tags, bitrate, etc. However, my main idea was to optimize this for movie releases, cause you can get info from imdb. Also I want to add a bit more then just racestats with speeds, Im still thinking about this and could use some suggestions
  • Pre, Nuke, Unnuke, Search, New dir, New file
    Pretty easy to do, but I want to do, but I dont just want a simple thing, I want to have it run on a MySQL database, tracking every file, listing info about this file (such as user that uploaded it, speed, etc.). If something gets deleted from the ftp server, the release remains in the database, but a flag is changed so it displays 'deleted' or something like that. Same with nuke (and nuke reasons) and unnuke.
  • Advanced login messages
    Imagine this as logging in and getting info about CPU temperatures, CPU load, uptime (used already), etc. Not only that, but also group tops, user tops, etc. Also, since Im thinking about using http as wel (imagine it as a live update dupecheck (nforce.nl, isonews.com) stuff like news on the webpage or forum stats could be implented as well.
  • Bunch of other stuff

ofcourse, I can use suggestions, so spam your ideas, no matter how redicilous they are and I'll think about it. I dont want to make just a zipscript, I want to make something special.
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[PHP] Making a zipscript
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