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no description 08/24/2002

no description


All hail Smuggles..... Overlord of Pain
water melon pig
I thought the mtgihy ROSS blog would enjoy this one:However, I can see the denial lives on. Quoting the nut named Dan Riehl?One might as well flush all the credibility one has down the toilet.The guy was either foolish enough not to know about a common House Procedure to end an offering permanently from ever being considered, or he was openly slandering the record of a Republican with a 50% ACU rating - about a fantasy over Impeachment votes on GW.And Riehl is so nutty, he even claimed Karl Rove is conspiring with Powerline. He probably needs professional help.This path is really a poor choice, for the outstanding ROSS Blog. Mr. Ross is outstanding, and credibility is so easily lost. IF this is from Larwyn's Linx - then Larwryn should be sent a polite note about the Riehl embarrassment.The reality is, the TEA PARTY EXPRESS candidates were terribly weak. Riehl was warned by many, as was others, of the foolish effort to run a Candidate who was DESTINED to LOSE in Delaware. It was utterly self destructive 'fashionable' delusion. O'Donnell had no chance whatsoever. It was as if some of these so called HIP Conservative Pundit Sideline Cynics never have traveled to Delaware in their lives. She was a gift to the Democrats, and many of us knew it, and stated it long ago. The foolish mindset who cannot grasp this, or was advocating the opposite, should make one weary of trusting their insight again - for it is so deeply misguided. But to not be able to admit how utterly foolish the concept was today, is another sign of a deeply flawed stubborn embrace, which is destined to flop yet again.O'Donnell was even used as a stereotypical symbol by the disastrous Democrats to save a number of their own in Congress. They traveled with Biden and Obama to highlight that weak offering to portray all their opposition as being this flawed. It is clear, in poll data, it did have an impact. Also, the rest of the TEA PARTY EXPRESS (not the same impressive grass roots Tea Party Movement which is largely conducted by many sound Republican Conservatives) - the TEA PARTY CANDIDATES all preformed terribly in the General Elections - except in safe GOP arenas like Paul or sound Republicans to begin with like Rubio. The disaster of fools like Riehl, they always enable the very worst having little common sense to being with - his irrational anti-GOP Cabal Conspiracy nonsense is about as sane as Nancy Pelosi's offering.Time to move on, and try to be honest. The fashionable 'echo chamber' is fools game. Identity Image movements - authoritative purist obsessions always flop.

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