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I searched Fellatio on google images... this is the result 06/02/2005

I searched Fellatio on google images... this is the result


The new maid's banana peeling technic was Quite popular.
I only read 1/4 of this long blog article. I found it to be very intreesting and extremely similar to my own opinions regarding AA.For me, it is simple. AA is a place where addicts get together and reminisce about the good old times the same good old times that resulted them in this miserable, loser-esque, low class life that they are presently living. Addiction is a disease is a poor excuse, it is a scapegoat! Coming from a former drug user myself (from age 20-22). The last time I ever did a drug was almost 2 years ago. I consider it a phase in my life. Addictions are only as great as the power you give them. I choose to give them NO power, therefore they possess absolutely no power. I am successful person who will continue to do well and be successful- why on earth would I ever move backwards? What is the point? There is absolutely no logic in that. Currently, I am a Law student and I plan on having an extremely successful career in law. For anyone stuggling, YOU made these choice, and you placed yourself in this shitty situation, so take responsibility, and MOVE ON. You do not want to look back in 10 years and reflect, Damn it why didn't I better prepare myself for this moment? .Life is what you make it, and you have control over what happens to you and where you end up. Make it count, do not sulk, and GET OVER IT. Think of it as a phase. Bullshit to all of those fakes who think that this is a disease that stays with you for the rest of your life. It stayed with me for 2 years (when I was using) and now I am over it.In case you are wondering, I struggled with Heroin.
Hi ya cavalock,I would dneieitfly agree with you on the sex education in those days, like back in the 70s...no one would teach us abt sex, let alone mention it..In those days wearing a mini skirt and a tube top is already considered sexy and very arousing...unlike now...its a common thingy..Dont tell me you didt do any 'experimenting' after reading dat book...not even now??..harhar

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