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Not dead yet

January 24 2006

The title is about this site, not me (haven't I made that stupid joke earlier ? bah).

So yeah, I got dumped 10 days ago and have been entering a state of depression (I think so, but I'm not really sure) (mostly unrelated to the dumping itself) for the past few weeks (months? years?).

So what's my point, you might ask ? Well, here it is (by way of simple links) :

I might add that my so-called blog isn't really one. Unless you're ready to believe that everything I've said in it is true... Then so be it!

My life is so complete that I've decided to take some of my free time and do the same kind of stuff a bunch of old men make me do at work. I made a quick and simple CSV file parser so that the world can easily view my lists of DVDs and music things.

Spending money makes me happy. Unfortunately, I spend all my money in junk (no, not drugs, apart from alcohol) so I rarely have any left for proper food. Pizza is good though. Ooh! Pizza and kebab. Mmyep...



May 6 2005

C'mon Hobbes, let me pet you one last time...



you all care about me

April 18 2005

Added 2 random Bukowski poems from his "Love is a dog from hell" book, published in 1977. Not sure about the copyrights but there they are anyways.

Was gonna write something about horrible stuff that happened to me today until I remembered this wasn't some stupid blog. Besides, I'm the only one reading this crap and I couldn't care less about whatever happens to my sorry self — so why should anybody else ?

And now it's time to go to bed, attempt to sleep... until my alarm clock reminds me how my life is dull, insignifiant and every new day is just a pale copy of the last. I could type that last line every night until it all goes away and I can finally shut up and stop complaining.

Hmmm, anyhow... anybody listening ?

Thought so...

PS: I'm not "goth", thought I'd make that clear.



(added on April 18 2005)

I'm out of matches.
the springs in my couch
are broken.
they stole my footlocker.
they stole my oil painting of two pink eyes.
my car broke down.
eels climb my bathroom walls.
my love is broken.
but the stockmarket went up

Charles Bukowski (somewhere between 1974 and 1977)

the beautiful young girl walking past the graveyard—

(added on April 18 2005)

I stop my car at the signal
I see her walking past the graveyard—

as she walks past the iron fence
I can see through the iron fence
and I see the headstones
and the green lawn.

her body moves in front of the iron fence
the headstones do not move.

I think,
doesn't anybody else see this?

I think,
does she see those headstones?

if she does
she has wisdom that I don't have
for she appears to ignore them.

her body moving in its
magic fluid
and her long hair is lighted
by the 3 p.m. sun.

the signal changes
she crosses the street to the west
I drive west.

I drive my car down to the ocean
get out
and run up and down
in front of the sea for 35 minutes
seeing people here and there
with eyes and ears and toes
and various other parts.

nobody seems to care.

Charles Bukowski (somewhere between 1974 and 1977)


January 31 2005

Oh-whey-oh-whey-ooo-aaa-ooo-aaa, Walk like an egyptian...

Yes, you do love the Bangles! So here's the Egyptian slideshow.


You love others' jokes

December 23 2004

I love just copy/pasting from other sites... (including So umm, jokes. Oooh christmas is coming! HIDE!!


New "Jokes" section

October 1 2004

You've all been waiting for it!! Well, it's in the right menu.


Heh :D

September 20 2004

... nope, nothing.


Pics of Mexico

July 25 2004

It's been one week since i've been back from mexico... And here are pics for you all to see how pretty the country (and the girl) is.

Edit: Might be better if i pasted the link to the slideshow: The slideshow of Mexico


Hehe, and ANOTHER update in ONE DAY!!

June 14 2004

And that must be minimoose...

( Jhonen Vasquez, or Nickelodeon, or whatever, but anyhow it's part of invader zim)


Here it is, the monthly update

June 14 2004

It's Piggy!!!!!

(yes it is!)

( Jhonen Vasquez, or Nickelodeon, or whatever, but anyhow it's part of invader zim)


Small banners!...

May 22 2004

Here are some small 88x31 buttons i made. It took me about 5 hours to make them all.

Shning button with gray border

Shning button with red border

Shning button with no border

Why the hell did i waste my time doing them... and who cares?...


A new logo...

May 21 2004

I made a new logo, which was inspired by my own brain. For once, I finally like one of my attempts!... You can compare it to my old version.

I should be adding some usefulness to this site someday, when i feel like it. Ooooh, maybe i could use it as a portfolio (hah, I haven't really done anything interesting anyways). Meanwhile, you can watch this Spooky vid (the thing what squeeks)

Now, just to set things straight, this is not a weblog (or blog). Hmmmm... or is it? :o



May 8 2004

In the "crap" section (click in the right menu): colored exclamation marks! :o