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ninja turtle pr0n 07/23/2005

ninja turtle pr0n


it took me like a minute to figure out what the hell i was even looking at
isn't it obvious ? ninja turtle fisting that is :D
If it takes you a minute to work it out, you've failed Fisting 101. Buy Dwaggy's book, "World Fisting Champion: My Story" and educate yourself on a beautiful thing between a man and a woman.
this is beautiful. A work of art.
hahahaha the facial expression
Now that is fucking disgusting!
Earthworm Jim
You go michelangelo, get that McFlapp!
that's a guy in drag being fisted teenagers.
</a>I'm going to break the mysterie and tell you I voted on #2, why in annyoe's name would I do that well because honestly I couldn't remember too much about which movie I liked best (or what I re9ally thought about the movies) because it's been ages since I've seen them and I wanted to vote for a movie which didn't have a vote yet. And now I'm laughing to hear your heart skipped a beat because of it . Oh and hush about Dutch cinema, I was born in 1984 which means I was fcberyoung when I visited those movies and I probably liked them all back then, yes even #2 (go ninja go ninja etc haha). Against all advice (about #2 &3) I'm going to watch the movies the coming weeks just because I'm sure I'm going to look at them from a whole other viewing point (in terms of if they are good..instead of if they we9re good/I liked them )On a sidenote I think you have to remember that these movies were made for kids in the early nineties and not for the spoiled movie watchers that we've become by now. Which of course isn't an excuse for all badness that probably was in the movies. But I think most moviewatchers have become more demanding.In Dutch you could use a great diminuative for the word podcast' , a mini (or small) podcast would end up podcastje'. (prounounce it something like podcastyf9h). Oh and because it's probably going to take to long to get my mic at home working again I'm at least going to try and use the mic over at the house where I'm now to get my name across on mp3 Great podcast btw, you're really getting the hang of it! *that's probably one of the longest comments I ever wrote*arjan’s last blog post..Walchsee: training and having fun</a> Reply</a>
nobody cares
he should not be wasting his time on punching a girls asshole. i mean saving the world is what the teenage muntant turtles do right?i know he might wanna punch a asshole...but he will have enough time later.amagin his mom was looking at him punching a asshole and she will say,“omg i told you about like one million times to not punch a asshole”. then he will say,“i don't f*cking care!”

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